The world now has a smart toaster

Receive phone notifications in the two minutes you step away while your bread is being toasted.

It seems like no one really needs a connected toaster. For decades you've been able to adjust just how dark you want your bread with a knob or lever. But maybe we've been missing out on perfect toast because we didn't have the opportunity to really fine-tune the cooking experience. That's where Griffin comes in with its Bluetooth-enabled gift from the breakfast gods.

The $100 "Connected Toaster" (not exactly swinging for the fences in the name department, are we, Griffin?) uses BLE to connect to a companion app that has different types of bread and a slider to adjust how much you want to burn your bread. Once you've pinpointed the perfect combination, you can save your toast-cooking profile.

Oh, but it doesn't end there. The app will throw a notification to your phone when the delicious sliced of carbohydrates is finished. The notifications also work with the company's Connected Mirror, so if you buy into the whole ecosystem, you can be alerted while you're brushing your hair the exact moment the most important part of your breakfast is ready.

Sure, you can argue that a regular toaster might ding when the bread is ready. And the adjustments on your bread cooker have worked just fine without an app. But think about it. You're already looking at your phone nonstop, and how many times have you burned a meal because it was really important for you to post that cat video?

The Connected Toaster is making a bit more sense now, isn't it?

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.

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