Panasonic follows LG with its first OLED TV

The EZ1002 combines OLED's depth and contrast with Panasonic's THX-certified processing.

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Richard Lawler
January 4, 2017 3:15 PM

You don't have to opt for LG to get OLED now that Panasonic has announced the EZ1002. For its first OLED TV, the display is probably still the same one you'd get from LG, but Panasonic has tied this to its Studio Colour HCX2 processor, plus it has ISF calibration settings and is CALMAN compatible to help pros get the picture exactly right. Panasonic has applied for (but apparently not yet received) THX Certification and Ultra HD Premium certification and says the TV supports HDR 10 as well as Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR.

Unfortunately, Dolby Vision support isn't mentioned anywhere, for the new TV or for the pair of Ultra HD Blu-ray players Panasonic announced. We'll see if a software update changes any of that, but with more Dolby Vision content on the way it could be an important line dividing these from other OLED or UHD Blu-ray options.

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Panasonic follows LG with its first OLED TV