The GeniCan updates your shopping list based on what you throw away

It also reorders items through Amazon Dash.

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Putting together your bi-weekly shopping list is a lot easier when you already have an idea of what you're out of. That's can be tough when you've forgotten what empty containers you've already tossed but with a new device called GeniCan, your rubbish bin will handle that tallying for you.

The GeniCan is a battery-driven, WIFi-enabled device that clips to the edge of your kitchen garbage can. Every time you run out of something, simply scan the barcode as you toss its container and the device will automatically generate a shopping list for you. And for items that you run through regularly -- say, toilet paper or milk -- the Geni will order them through Amazon's Dash Replenishment without your direct input.

The GeniCan won't add everything you throw away, for products like produce that lack barcodes users can voice-activate the device and initiate its scanning function. Additionally, the Geni's associated app can share the generated list can be shared across multiple devices so the entire family can stay up to date as to what shopping needs to be done. GeniCan is currently available for $150 pre-order and will work on both Android and iOS when it launches later this spring.

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