ICYMI: Wearable breast pump and everything IoT

Being mobile while pumping milk is gonna change the game.

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ICYMI: Wearable breast pump and everything IoT

ICYMI: Wearable breast pump and everything IoT

Today on In Case You Missed It: The wearable breast pump that doesn't need any external power or cords will be launching in the Spring to the tune of $429 and is likely to thrill every woman who's ever had to express milk with one of the bulky contraptions of yore. Willow is selling it and providing a matching app that measures how much milk is produced from each breast as well. Metrics ftw!

Meanwhile a company called Prevent Biometrics showed its concussion tracking wearable for your teeth that lights up if too hard of a hit is given. And Craftsman's Smart Lawn, a bluetooth connected mower and app, helps owners know when and how to perform maintenance, even ordering parts within the app. Parents might also want to know about the Fisher-Price Think and Learn SmartCycle, that connects toddler learning apps to a little person-sized stationary bike so folks can feel a little better about all the screen time.

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ICYMI: Wearable breast pump and everything IoT