Watch NVIDIA's GeForce stream 'Mass Effect Andromeda' to Facebook

No, we didn't get to play the game.

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Game streaming is about to get a lot simpler for NVIDIA GeForce video card owners with the company's new integration with Facebook Live. We got a chance to see the feature in action at CES, and it works as advertised. NVIDIA reps were able to quickly shoot some footage from the much-anticipated Mass Effect Andromeda right to their Facebook timelines from their GeForce Experience app.

Additionally, you'll also be able to send screen grabs and 360-degree photos from NVIDIA's Ansel app to Facebook. Your friends can rotate their phones to explore those 360-degree photos -- something Facebook has offered for a while, but it's particularly useful for observing game worlds.

Obviously, game streaming isn't anything new at this point. But NVIDIA reps note that it's a completely different experience sharing gameplay to your friends and family, rather than to complete strangers on the internet. It's not necessarily a better solution than Twitch and YouTube Gaming, it's simply different.

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