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Sony at CES 2017: Everything you need to know

The company's OLED TV doesn't need speakers.

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Mat Smith
January 6th, 2017

Sony's big CES booth is built around one product in particular: its first 4K OLED TV. Beautiful, bright (and highly anticipated), the television's slender OLED panel also doubles as a speaker, with some subwoofer support from behind. Unfortunately, that's about it, as far as the booth is concerned, anyway. Sony boss Kaz Hirai used his keynote earlier this week to recap all the products the company unveiled over the past year. Which would have been fine at CES 2016, just not this week.

So the booth is completely centered around this new TV?

Yes, indeed. What we have here is the Sony Bravia OLED series. It'll be available in 55-, 65- and 77-inch sizes.

I don't think any of my apartment walls are that big.

Well, that's your problem. I'll be soaking in the 4K OLED joy.

Where are the speakers? Behind it?

Yes and no. There's a subwoofer behind the thing, but the entire OLED panel itself also works as a speaker.


Due to the structure of OLED screens, if you attach a driver to them, you can make the membrane vibrate and create sound. We saw LG Display's experimental prototype with the same tech, but this one is a real consumer product for you, fictional conversation partner!

How does it sound?

Well, it's backed up by a subwoofer, so it's hard to discern the sound of the panel itself. That's a question for review time, perhaps.

Hot take: Sony finally made a 4K OLED.

Don't say: Wait, was this Sony's 2016 press conference?

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