Disappearing videos are coming to a Bumble profile near you

Don't get any ideas: These will be viewable by anyone swiping through the dating app.

The next way dating app Bumble is separating itself from Tinder is video. If you're familiar with Snapchat Stories or Instagram's ephemeral offerings, BumbleVID should sound be pretty recognizable. Users can make a story out of an unlimited amount of ten-second video clips from within the app. Anyone swiping past your profile can see them and after 24 hours, they disappear.

TechCrunch writes that you can add pre-recorded videos as well, but they have to have been created within the last 24 hours. More than that, they'll be flagged as having not been created within the app. The feature will launch in a few weeks and is open to everyone who's had their profile verified.

It might sound superfluous and unabashedly "me too," but this could actually be a better way to vet someone before swiping right. Hell, if you're lucky, it could even eliminate a few first date surprises.

Tinder's most recent big deal was a not-VR headset at CES. But beyond that PR stunt, the last new feature that affected how its users communicate was GIF messaging last January. The app still won't let you send pictures, so video is probably even further off.

Considering Bumble's origin story -- CEO Whitney Wolfe was unceremoniously fired from Tinder and stripped of any credit for her work there -- Tinder being outclassed by a former co-founder's project (again) is all the more satisfying.