Snapchat ends our long nightmare by killing Story Auto Advance

Now you can create a playlist of stories to watch all at once.

(Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

Before Instagram copied it, Snapchat's rolling 24-hour Story feature was a quick way to keep up with anyone you follow on the app. There was just one problem: Viewing a new Story would play not only that person's post, but any other new posts in the queue. That means a (completely theoretical) viewing session could jump between a random celebrity selfie, video from a concert, something X-rated and then a video of someone's kids playing with their pets, and there was no way to know for sure what would be next. Now, Snapchat is pulling back on the Auto Advance feature in favor of Story Playlist.

With the Playlist, you can choose which videos to watch together, just hit the thumbnail to the left of a friend's name to add them to the list, then hit play. Otherwise, when you view a Story, it will just play that Story and then stop. The new feature is rolling out today to "select" Snapchatters on Android, and will soon be available for everyone on Android and iOS.