'Ghost in the Shell' anime will return to US & UK theaters

And 'Ghost in the Shell: SAC' will air on Toonami starting February 4th.

'Ghost in the Shell'

Before the live-action version of Ghost in the Shell hits theaters in March, the original animated movie will return for a limited theater run. In the UK, that means a one-night-only appearance January 25th, while in the US Funimation is backing a two-night stand where the movie will play subtitled one night and then with English-dubbed audio the next, on February 7th & 8th. Afterwards, Lionsgate is re-releasing the movie on Blu-ray and Digital HD March 7th in a Deluxe Collector's Edition with Steelbook packaging and Mondo artwork.

Whether you need a refresher before checking out Scarlett Johanssen's take on the cybernetic Major and her high-tech world, or plan on skipping the remake entirely, it should be a worthwhile night out. Of course, if you've just never seen it at all, then we can only recommend you fix that oversight, immediately.

The websites have more information about participating theaters and ticket information, but there's also a treat for homebodies. The Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series will return to Cartoon Network's Toonami lineup, starting Saturday, February 4th at 3AM. And you don't even have to get off of the couch.