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7 Most Important Features You Require In A Device Optimizer App

Shekhar Mishra
Shekhar Mishra|January 15, 2017 12:44 PM

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Most of us are tired of our Android or IOS device's deteriorating slow performance. Be it any device of any manufacturer or model, millions of smartphone users out there experience this on a daily basis. It is precisely the reason there are thousands of applications available for download that claim to improve device performance by tailoring/manipulating features as per usage. Believe it or not, the demand for such apps is increasing at a faster rate than ever.

I personally have tried tons of apps looking for perfect one which has features that I require. One such app, which increases device performance by cleaning memory and more, is Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner. Available for free download on 'Play Store' and 'App Store' for both Android and IOS devices respectively, Power Clean packs in a number of useful features that improve device performance without compromising usage or control.

7 Features A Device Optimizer Should Have That Power Clean Provides

1. Application Manager

App Manager option allows management of both pre-installed (factory installed) and self-installed applications. With this feature, users can disable applications, backup necessary ones and remove those unwanted, including redundant installation packages. App Manager is the first and most important feature that any optimizer app should have.

2. Memory Boost

One of the main reasons for slow device performance is running background applications. Power Clean has a 'Memory Boost' option, which stops background applications, auto-start important ones, and also cleans RAM to improve device performance.

3. Junk Clean

The Junk Clean' feature of allows easy cleaning of device storage space including cache memory, folders, cluttered data and a whole lot more. This is the most common feature you will find in all device cleaning and optimizing apps.

4. Duplicate Photos Remover

This is a good one. Power Clean also has an independent, duplicate-photos-removing feature that automatically scans and displays redundant pictures. Users can then manually scroll through the list; select/deselect pictures as per preferences and finalize removal to free storage space.

5. App Lock

With the 'App Lock' feature, users can secure applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gallery and more to enhance the privacy of personal accounts and/or private data. It is one big reason why Power Clean has been downloaded close to 100 Million times on play store.

6. Display Device Information

The 'Device Information' option allows easy on-screen retrieval of important information such as storage space, CPU status, device temperature, hardware specifications, Graphics Processing Unit information, memory (RAM) usage and more. Using this information, users can take appropriate steps to improve performance.
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7. Notification Clean

You definitely want to remove unwanted notifications that may be taking up unnecessary panel space. Using this feature, users can make their notification panels clean and tidy. Again there were very few apps, including LionMobi's Power Clean which had this feature.

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We all look for all-in-one comprehensive 'smart' device clean and optimization application that comes with a number of useful functions that are in line with the demands of any type of modern day smartphone users. We loved apps like Power Clean.

7 Most Important Features You Require In A Device Optimizer App