Recommended Reading: Video games and the issue of slavery

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How Historical
Games Integrate or
Ignore Slavery

Amanda Kerri,
Rock Paper Shotgun

Video games certainly don't claim to always offer a depiction of the "real world," but for those titles rooted in historical events, how the narrative addresses certain events is key. One of the issues those historical games have to wrestle with is how to address slavery. This piece from Rock Paper Shotgun takes a look at how games have integrated events or ignored them completely.

The Inside Story of Google's Daydream, Where VR Feels Like Home
David Pierce, Wired

Wired offers a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Google Daydream in terms of design, strategy and more.

The (Final) Problem with 'Sherlock'
Sophie Gilbert, The Atlantic

(Contains spoilers for the most recent season)
The fourth season of the BBC's Sherlock is a departure from what made the show so great. And in the end, that isn't a good thing.

How 'Resident Evil 4' Turned 'System Shock 3' into 'Dead Space'
Mat Paget, PC Gamer

Two of the developers behind modern survival-horror classic Dead Space wax about the game's inspirations and ultimately, where the franchise went off the rails.

Inside Megyn Kelly's New Show About Millennials, Journalists and Sex
Andrew Karpan, Film School Rejects

Megyn Kelly is the executive producer of the show Embeds, working alongside creator Scott Conroy. Based on this review, it seems to offer an interesting look at political journalists.