Tesla's big Autopilot update is now active on newer cars

You'll finally see those new semi-autonomous features in action.

Christopher Goodney/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Tesla's Enhanced Autopilot has been months in the making, but it's finally here -- no, for real this time. After days of laying dormant, the upgrade is now active for all HW2-era (that is, self-driving capable) Model S and Model X vehicles with Autopilot enabled. You may need to have Tesla technicians modify your camera angles first (the car will tell you if this is the case), but you're otherwise golden. Provided it works as promised, it should give you a more sophisticated take on semi-autonomy.

As the name implies, the new Autopilot is less about reinventing the system as adding meaningful upgrades. Autosteer is better at navigating tricky roads, for instance, while Smart Summon isn't limited to moving your car in a straight line (think curved driveways). There's even an automatic lane change feature that will help you get around slow-moving traffic on the highway. Not all of the Enhanced Autopilot features will necessarily be active right away, but you'll likely notice the difference if you're an owner.