Yelp's redesigned homepage puts photos front and center

The site shows you more of what you really want to see.

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Edgar Alvarez
January 23rd, 2017
Yelp's redesigned homepage puts photos front and center

Yelpers everywhere will soon be greeted with a new homepage. Earlier today, Yelp announced it's rolling out a redesign that focuses on showcasing imagery from users, as well as content from different local services (think: not only restaurants). Yelp says this overhaul is also about making it easier for account holders to find what they're looking for, including businesses, popular categories and recent activity from others. The search bar is now placed front and center too, next to visuals from the community, something that Yelp hopes can make the experience more interactive for people on the site.

The freshly minted homepage doesn't appear to be live for everyone yet, but you should see it show up in the coming days.

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