Airbnb is eyeing an international payment app

And in the future it sounds like you'll be able to split a room rental with a friend within the AIrbnb app.

OhmZ via Getty Images

Airbnb is taking its all-inclusive aspirations one step further. Now, the short-term rental service is close to buying mobile payment app Tilt for $10 to $20 million, according to The Information. For the uninitiated, Tilt's wrinkle is that it can process cross-currency payments -- which should help with Airbnb's international expansion plans. And as far as what users will notice, it sounds like people will be able to split the bill on a room rental in the future. If you're looking to outfit your rental pad with augmented reality area rugs, that's the other Tilt, Tilt Textiles.

As the publication notes, the application itself will likely be shuttered and Airbnb will take advantage of its tech, and "many" existing employees will be offered jobs within the company.