Exclusive dating app 'The League' is now on Google Play

Android users can now try their luck in The League's (tiny) dating pool.

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Exclusive dating app 'The League' is now on Google Play

The League, which is often described as an "elitist dating app" and "Tinder for the rich," has arrived on Google Play. If you're wondering why you don't hear a lot of people talk about their experience on it, it's because the service promises exclusivity by having aspiring members go through a rigorous screening process. The team will vet your job, your degrees, your looks and other aspects of your life before you can get in -- and you might even have to deal with a waitlist.

According to founder Amanda Bradford, the launch on Android is an important step to grow the app's user base. The service might also go international sometime this spring:

"Opening up The League's community to Android users is something we wanted to do yesterday. By design, The League's target demographic is incredibly small ­-- we're only accepting 10­ to 20% of users who sign up. Opening up to Android allows us to double our user base without lowering our acceptance standards, while also increasing diversity of our user base. We can also now finally expand internationally, ­ something we plan to do this spring."

The League's Android app underwent beta testing for four months. Based on the data the company collected, Android users replied 76 percent more often, ghosted people 63 percent less and converted their online matches to real-life dates 24 percent more than their counterparts on iOS. Further, the words "relationship" and "soulmate" appeared 11 percent and five percent more, respectively. Whether potential users find that promising enough to go through The League's vetting process, however, remains to be seen.

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