You can now transfer your old Pokémon to 'Sun' and 'Moon'

Nintendo's cloud storage service saves you from having to catch 'em all over again.

In a move sure to please long-time Pokémon fans, players can now transfer old Pocket Monsters to the latest games in the series, Pokémon Sun and Moon. Updating Pokémon Bank (Nintendo's subscription-based Pokémon cloud-storage service) gamers are now able to easily send their favourite 'mon from X and Y straight to Sun and Moon. For the uninitiated, this service offers a cloud storage box that can store up to 3000 different Pokémon online. You can even transfer 'mon to different generations of Pokémon games -- all for just $4.99 a year.

In a bid to lure in fans of the original games, this update also allows one-way Pokédex transfers from 3DS versions of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow via the included Poké Transporter app. With gamers previously unable to move monsters from their Game Boy games into the DS era, this means that fans of the original 150 can finally get to see their untouched old-school teams in 3D. As the series battles have changed dramatically over the years, once transferred, older Pokémon will gain new hidden stats that help keep them competitive.

For players who still have previous generations of Pokédexes to relocate, Nintendo has provided the handy transfer guide below.

For a franchise that spends every new iteration encouraging you to catch 'em all, the idea of having to start your Pokédex afresh each time is an exhausting one. Not only does this update alleviate that, but it also provides a great way for parents to show kids what Pokémon was like in 'the good old days', bridging the gap between generations of Poké-lovers.

With fans still waiting to hear details about Pokémon Go's long-awaited Sun and Moon connectivity, this update bodes well for players of the mobile game. While yet to be confirmed, this update should also reassure those hoping to be able to transfer 'mon from Sun and Moon to the rumored Pokémon Stars for Nintendo Switch.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to dig out my old DS cartridges and begin rebuilding the super squad.