5 Mobile Apps For Conferences That Makes Your Professional Life Easier

Shekhar Mishra
S. Mishra|02.07.17

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Shekhar Mishra
February 7th, 2017
5 Mobile Apps For Conferences That Makes Your Professional Life Easier

Technology has changed almost every aspect of our professional life. With organizations operating in a competitive environment, streamlining even the simplest of tasks has become a necessity for not only stakeholders but also for employees, partners, and sponsors. Take the simple example of arranging or attending a conference. Previously printed invitations were sent, emails were exchanged, physical presence was necessary, and notes were made on paper. The practice now has evolved allowing invitations to be sent with the click of a simple button, post updates in real-time, attend from miles away and even record proceedings without having to type a single thing. There are various unique service providers who will even let you hire iPad, Routers, etc. to make sure that conference never halts.

All this has become incredibly easy with the advent of many conference apps available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. While many of these are surely worth a try, here are a few tried and tested ones guaranteed to enhance the experience of both organizing and attending conferences.

10 Times Events

If sending timely invitations or keeping an eye out for relevant conferences is a problem for you, then 10 Times Events is one app that should definitely be on your phone. Available for both Android and IOS devices, this app lets you organize conferences by helping you manage guest lists, connect with attendees, share events with the relevant audience and do a whole lot more.

Event Board

Event Board is a simple yet very powerful mobile conference tool that allows easy organization of conferences and streamlines communication with attendees. With this app, you can quickly build floor plans, define agendas for a conference, create surveys and get instant feedback from attendees. The app can be used for free as a trial after which users can choose between two paid packages as per requirements.


MyQaa is a well-rounded application with features directed towards both attendees and conference organizers. It is a great online event management application which can be used by participants to navigate to the venue, ask questions, record responses and by the hosts to organize proceedings, conduct surveys and use analytics to interpret collected data.

Event Friendly

Event friendly is another comprehensive application that simplifies the process of conference and event management for hosts as well as attendees. Using this organizer can build an audience, engage with them, get feedback from participants and send live updates to all those concerned at any time.


Pathable is a full conference and event management application with a bunch of handy features that can be used to enhance community networking, scheduling meetings, managing agendas, posting live conference surveys and more.

Android and iOS apps have made our personal and professional life easier and faster. Apps like these allow us to hold conferences, manage events and discuss meetings on an iPad or Android devices.

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