'Adr1ft' developer joins a VR startup, leaves old studio behind

Creative lead Adam Orth is now at 'ROM Extraction' developer First Contact.

Paul Marotta via Getty Images

If you were hoping for a sequel to Adr1ft, the game about a zero-gravity escape from a destroyed space station high above Earth, you might want to place those expectations elsewhere. Head of Three One Zero and lead developer Adam Orth (above) says that his old studio had "run its course," in an interview with VentureBeat. Now? He's working with VR startup First Contact (ROM Extraction) where the team is "advancing the medium [VR] with every single thing they make." While console versions never saw VR support, Adr1ft was available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets.

As a refresher, Adr1ft was the allegorical game about Orth's experiences after having the internet come after him. While serving as creative director for Microsoft's gaming division, he made a few ill-advised tweets about the then-unreleased Xbox One's possible requirement of always having an internet connection.

"The internet totally erupted," he told me in 2015. "I got death threats."