Facebook puts a weather section in its mobile apps

95 percent of users around the globe should already be able to access it.

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Mariella Moon
February 9, 2017 9:19 AM
Facebook puts a weather section in its mobile apps

Facebook aims to offer almost everything you'll want to have on a phone: games, video and photo filters, chat apps, shopping portals and now even week-long weather forecasts. The social network has rolled out a full-fledged weather section right within its mobile apps, and a spokesperson told TechCrunch that around 95 percent of users around the globe should already have access to it.

To check it out, tap the hamburger menu in the app, click "See More..." or "See All" and find the Weather option somewhere underneath Friends, Events, Groups, Nearby, Shops and the like. That's where you'll also find a few experimental Facebook features like the public WiFi finder. In addition, you might see a greeting at the top of your News Feed with that day's forecast along with a link to the section.

When you do get to the Weather section, you'll find a basic five-day forecast (Sunny, Rainy, etc.) with temperatures for every hour of the current day from Weather.com's API. It's set to your current location by default, but you can always change it in the Settings page -- plus, you can toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Dedicated weather apps can offer more comprehensive info, and they typically allow you to have forecasts for several locations at once. But Facebook's looks like a decent alternative, especially for those who have Android phones with limited space for applications.

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