Head back to Liberty City in 'GTA IV' on Xbox One

Rockstar Games' crime simulator is Xbox's latest backwards compatible game.

Grand Theft Auto V recently shipped 75 million copies, but if you wanted to play what came before it on Xbox One you were out of luck. Until now. Starting today, Grand Theft Auto IV and its $50 million expansion packs will be playable on Microsoft's latest console. The base game and "The Ballad of Gay Tony" will run you $20 each, while the biker-focused expansion "The Lost and Damned" is $10.

So what's the incentive to go back to Liberty City? For starters, a few lines of dialogue in GTA V will make more sense and you'll have a better understanding of the biker gang that GTA V madman Trevor Philips has beef with. In addition to showing full-frontal male nudity, "The Lost and Damned" expansion focuses on The Lost, a group of one-percenters based out of the universe's version of New Jersey.

Oh, and if having mission contacts blowing up your in-game cellphone to take them bowling sounds like your type of party, that's up for grabs here too. Welcome back, cousin.