Miitomo makes it easy to share Miifotos with your friends

Miitomo version 2.2 also adds a bio section to your profile.

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Mariella Moon
February 10th, 2017
Miitomo makes it easy to share Miifotos with your friends

Do you want some sort of a Miifoto central where you and your friends can check out each other's snapshots on Miitomo? Then you'll want to download the social networking app's latest update. It adds a feature called Miifoto Log, where you can post your Miifotos with commentary. The feature also comes with a timeline where you can see your friends' posts, so you can comment on each other's entries like on Facebook. In addition, you can now attach images to your Mii's and Sidekick Mii's answers as some sort of a visual aid to go with your Q&A replies.

Version 2.2 has a few non-image related updates, as well, including the capability to add bios to profiles and to use the wallpapers and flooring you receive as backgrounds in Miifotos. Finally, you can start attaching messages to friend requests if you want to make sure friends know it's you and not some rando trying to add them on the app. To check out what else you're downloading when you hit update, head over to iTunes or Google Play for the app's complete change log.

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