Sony prices up its latest Extra Bass headphones and speakers

Audiophiles have a lot to look forward to next month.

Back at CES, Sony announced a slew of new on-ear and in-ear headphones for its 'Extra Bass' range. The only problem? No pricing. Thankfully, Sony has now released this rather crucial information, so let's get cracking with a quick spec sheet update. At the top of the pile is the $249.99 MDR-XB950N1, a pair of wireless headphones with noise cancelling capabilities. The cans connect over Bluetooth and support NFC for quick pairing. They also leverage the AptX and AAC codecs to stop your connection from dropping on the go. Sony says they're good for 22 hours of continuous music playback, which should be enough for any brutal long-haul flight.

Next on the list is the MRT-XB950B1, a slightly cheaper model with a smaller battery (18 hours) and no noise cancelling. You're saving $50 (so $199.99 instead), so you'll need to weigh up whether the trade-offs are worth it. Both headphones come with a companion app which let you adjust the bass levels and imitate specific listening environments, such as a club, concert hall or music festival. If you want to save some cash and don't mind a dangling cable, there's the $59.99 MDR-XB550AP. Aimed at the lower end of the market, these on-ear headphones have an in-line remote and come in five different colors: black, red, blue, green and white.

For sporty types, Sony has the in-ear MDR-XB510AS headphones. They're IPX5/7 waterproof and sweat resistant, meaning you can take them out for a rainy run no problem. Like the XB550AP, they'll set you back $59.99, however they also come with a clip, arc supporter and cord adjuster. All the important bits to ensure they don't get in your way during workouts.

Finally, there are the light-up wireless speakers. They come in three sizes: the $99.99 SRS-XB20, the $149.99 XB30 and $249.99 XB40. Obviously, the higher you go, the larger and more powerful the speaker becomes. They can all be chained together, however, so you might find a couple of XB20s are handier than a single XB40 tucked in the corner of your living room. All of them have some kind of integrated light, which can strobe and shine different colors in time with the song you're playing. It's a neat little party trick that can be managed using the SongPal app on your smartphone.

All of these devices have now been upgraded from a "Spring" to "March 2017" release date. A day would have been nice, but that tends to be Sony's style -- better bookmark the company's online store if you're interested.