Panasonic's indoor farm, and more in the week that was

In other news, Tesla says it will begin Model 3 production by the end of the month.

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Panasonic's indoor farm, and more in the week that was

Tesla's groundbreaking affordable electric car is nearly here. This week the automaker announced plans to begin production on the Model 3 by the end of the month. Meanwhile, environmental champion Leonardo DiCaprio just signed up as the official ambassador for BYD's new line of EVs. Georgia broke ground on a road paved with 18 miles of solar panels, and the tiny TigerMoth camper is an off-grid shelter that generates power while it's being towed.

Most photovoltaic panels are big and heavy, which limits their applications, but Sandia Labs just developed sticky "solar glitter" that can power just about anything. In other energy news, China is making major investments in clean tech, and it's paying off: The nation is now the world's largest producer of solar energy. Here in the States, the solar industry provides twice as many jobs as coal, but the Trump Administration still wants to scuttle clean energy standards. We're looking at the bright side though: Here are six reasons the clean energy revolution doesn't need Trump's blessing

Singapore currently imports 90 percent of its food, but that could soon change. A gigantic vertical farm provides the nation with 80 tons of vegetables every year, and it's growing larger by the day. In other tech and design news, a Spanish architect gave us a first look at Frank Lloyd Wright's unbuilt Trinity Chapel through a vivid series of renderings. Researchers developed an innovative new type of paper that can be printed with UV light and reused up to 80 times. And if you've ever wanted to get off the grid and live rent free, we have five tips to help you transition to a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.

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Panasonic's indoor farm, and more in the week that was