Civic-planning sim 'Cities: Skylines' is coming to Xbox One

Have fun micromanaging utilities and zoning without a mouse.

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David Lumb
February 17, 2017 9:02 PM
Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive

The civic-planning simulator Cities: Skylines is making the jump to consoles soon, long after Microsoft teased a port back in August 2015. At an undisclosed date this Spring, Xbox One owners will get their own edition of the game, which comes bundled with the After Dark DLC. Delightful as the title is, how gameplay will make the transition from mouse to console controller is anyone's guess.

Lest you assume that's a downgrade and silly thing to wish by console plebes, fans have been wanting controller support since Cities: Skyline first launched in March 2015. And if the Xbox One is your only gaming machine, your urban planning options are pretty slim, so this tranquil successor to the SimCity legacy is a fine option. Get ready to spam your friends list with tilt-shifted pics of your elegantly-constructed utopias.

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