Kobo is the next to offer an e-book subscription service

It's a response to all-you-can-read options from rivals like Amazon.


All-you-can-read e-book subscriptions are nothing new (just ask Amazon), but Kobo is just now joining the fray. It's launching Kobo Plus, a service that offers unlimited reading of eligible books (currently 40,000 titles) for a flat monthly fee. While there aren't any surprising attempts to shake up the basic subscription formula, you probably won't complain if you prefer Kobo's e-readers or mobile apps -- you no longer have to buy every single title that piques your interest.

The catch: if you're reading this, you probably can't use Plus. It's only available in Belgium and the Netherlands right now for €10 (about $10.50) per month. There's no mention of launches in other countries, either. However, the decision makes sense when you look at the context. Amazon's Kindle Unlimited isn't available in either country, so Kobo can start by cornering a couple of smaller markets before it thinks about taking on its main rival.