'MythBusters' revival gets its new hosts

But will they be as iconic as Adam, Jamie and crew?

Discovery Communications

The original MythBusters show ended with a bang, but Discovery was quick to plan a reboot and launch a reality show competition (Science Channel's MythBusters: The Search) to find replacements for lead presenters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. And at last, the network has its winners: meet Jonathan Lung and Brian Louden, the new MythBusters' hosts. They're not your typical show leads (Lung is a product designer by trade, Louden is a pilot and rescue diver), but then this isn't your typical show. On top of being personable, they had to demonstrate a knack for building machines to test commonly held beliefs.

Will they fill the shoes of Adam and Jamie? It's hard to say -- the two original busters developed a legendary reputation, and that's not factoring in the talents of regulars like Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara. They have to prove that they can make scientific experiments just as exciting, and it's it's too early tell when we don't even have a hint as to the new show's format, let alone its debut date. Look at it this way, though: if the revival doesn't completely scratch your itch, you can always watch MythBusters alumni doing their thing on Netflix.