SoundCloud adds a new tier to its subscription service

SoundCloud Go is now SoundCloud Go+.


SoundCloud Go is now a completely different offering after the company has revamped its music streaming service. The $10-per-month unlimited subscription still offers ad-free and offline access to over 150 million tracks, but it's now called SoundCloud Go+. A cheaper $5-per-month tier is taking over its old name: the new SoundCloud Go is the same as the free tier at its core. It can only access 120 million tracks, not 150 million like its more expensive counterpart, but it has no ads and gives you the power to listen to music offline.

Alex Ljung, the company's CEO, says the new tier gives them a chance to "unlock new revenue opportunities to further expand [their] creator-payout program." The new Go is a full dollar more expensive for iOS ($6) than for web and Android, but you can go to the offering's official website to avoid iTunes' surcharge. And if ad-free offline listening isn't important to you, you can always stick to the free tier, which isn't going away despite the new option.