Spotify is close to offering lossless-quality music

Spotify Hi-Fi would fight Tidal on its home turf.


Tidal's lossless-quality music streaming was its original selling point over big name rivals, but it might not have that advantage for much longer. Both The Verge sources and Reddit members have discovered that Spotify is prepping its own lossless offering, Spotify Hi-Fi. Much like with Tidal, paying $20 per month would give you audio befitting your premium headphones. There's no word as to when Hi-Fi would arrive -- Spotify isn't commenting beyond acknowledging that it's "always testing new products." However, it certainly appears to be getting close.

A higher-quality tier makes sense for Spotify in more than a few ways. On top of negating one of Tidal's advantages, it'd give listeners a reason to choose Spotify over Apple Music and other rivals that (currently) make do with lossy tracks. Also, this could be important in Spotify's continuing struggle to turn a profit. It's safe to say that it doesn't cost twice as much to deliver higher-bitrate music, so converting even a fraction of Spotify's 40 million-plus Premium customers to lossless could prove to be very lucrative.