ICYMI: Ford's Autolivery is the future of delivery

Because no one likes those "Sorry we missed you" notices.

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Today on In Case You Missed It: Ford used virtual reality to demo its "Autolivery" concept service at Mobile World Congress. The package delivery system of the future would consist of a self-driving van and a drone working together to deliver parcels and orders right to your door -- even if your door is on the 30th floor. While it's unlikely that anyone will see this system in action for several years -- the company anticipates the fleet won't be ready until at least 2021 -- it would go a long way to reducing urban gridlock and pollution.

Meanwhile, Facebook is testing out an AI feature that uses pattern recognition to detect posts from users who may be in distress or suicidal. While users already have the ability to report a friend's status if they believe they're in trouble, the AI will flag status' for review by the Community Operations team. Additionally, there are new Messenger tools that help users connect to suicide prevention organizations in chat, and a report feature for potentially concerning livestreams. We give the thumbs up to any feature that helps users who are struggling.

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