Tech titans back transgender student's Supreme Court case

Apple, Microsoft and other tech corporations sign an amicus brief in support of Gavin Grimm's case.

cmannphoto via Getty Images

Apple has officially signed an amicus brief in support of Gavin Grimm's case that's hitting the Supreme Court later this month. In addition, Cupertino has successfully helped convince other tech titans to support the transgender student's fight for the right to use the bathroom that matches his gender identity. According to TechCrunch, the company worked with non-profit org Human Rights Campaign to reach out to potential signatories in the tech industry. Their crusade was so successful, tech corporations ended up dominating the list of 53 companies that signed the brief.

Grimm filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against his school board after they revoked his access to the boy's bathroom in his high school in Virginia. A lower court ordered the board to allow him to use the boy's restroom while the case was ongoing, but the Supreme Court stayed the order by request of the school board. Now the case is slated to be heard in the country's highest court on March 28th.

Some of the companies that signed the brief also spoke out against the Trump administration's decision to roll back the rule that allowed transgender students to use whatever bathroom they want. Their participation didn't come out of left field and certainly makes Google's and Facebook's absence all the more noticeable.

Here's the complete list of companies backing Grimm's case:

1. Affirm, Inc.
2. Airbnb, Inc.
3., Inc.
4. Apple
5. Asana, Inc.
6. Box, Inc.
7. Codecademy
8. Credo Mobile, Inc.
9. Dropbox, Inc.
10. eBay Inc.
11. Etsy
12. Fastly, Inc.
13. Flipboard, Inc.
14. Gap Inc.
15. General Assembly Space, Inc.
16. GitHub, Inc.
17. IBM Corporation
18. Intel Corporation
19. Kickstarter, PBC
20. Knotel, Inc.
21. LinkedIn Corporation, a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation
22. Lyft
23. M Booth
24. MAC Cosmetics Inc.
25. Mapbox, Inc.
26. Marin Software Incorporated
27. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
28. Microsoft
29. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
30. MongoDB Inc.
31. NetApp, Inc.
32. Next Fifteen Communications Corporation
33. Nextdoor
34. Pandora Media, Inc.
35. PayPal Holdings, Inc.
36. Postmates Inc.
37. Replacements, Ltd.
38. RetailMeNot, Inc.
39. Salesforce
40. Shutterstock, Inc.
41. Slack Technologies, Inc.
42. Spotify
43. The OutCast Agency
44. The WhiteWave Foods Company
45. Tumblr, Inc.
46. Twilio Inc.
47. Twitter Inc.
48. Udacity, Inc.
49. Warby Parker
50. Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
51. Yahoo! Inc.
52. Yelp Inc.
53. Zendesk, Inc.