Apple speaks out against regressive transgender policies

"We support efforts toward greater acceptance, not less."


Apple spoke out against the Trump administration yesterday, criticizing its stance on transgender rights in schools. While the previous administration offered inclusive guidance to schools on transgender rights, the government yesterday revoked a federal law that allowed transgender children access to the bathroom of the gender that they identify with.

Speaking with Axios, Apple released a statement condemning the move. "Apple believes everyone deserves a chance to thrive in an environment free from stigma and discrimination. We support efforts toward greater acceptance, not less, and we strongly believe that transgender students should be treated as equals. We disagree with any effort to limit or rescind their rights and protections."

This isn't the first time that Apple has spoken out against Trump's Administration, with the company publicly disagreeing with his recent travel ban. It also took a similar stance against states who tried to use legislation to limit LGBT rights in 2015.