GM's Maven lets you rent cars for up to 28 days

At least, if you live in LA or SF and really want to ride around in a Volt.

AOL, Roberto Baldwin

Maven is General Motors' Zipcar-style vehicle rental service, letting you pay an hourly rate to temporarily borrow a ride. But the company is now targeting folks who want to get around for longer periods at a time with Maven Reserve. The offering enables people to reserve a car for up to 28 days at a time, including a dedicated parking space, insurance and $100 of gas in the tank. In addition, users will apparently receive a "personalized walk-through of the vehicle," as they take delivery of their fancy-schmancy rental car.

Maven Reserve will only be available in LA and San Francisco to begin with, although GM has plans to broaden it out later. Those two locations make sense, since both have young populations with the cash to blow on renting a brand new Chevy Volt or Tahoe for weeks at a time. The company even admits this, saying that Reserve was designed for "entertainment and entrepreneurial communities" full of bougie millennials. All they'll need to do to book is sign into the Maven app and see what's locally available at what price.

GM also took the time to release statistics about how Maven has been received across the US since its launch. The company has upwards of 25,000 people who have reserved vehicles more than 32,000 times, traveling more than 80 million miles. And, as mentioned above, the two most popular vehicles in the portfolio are the Volt and Tahoe.