Google Photos automatically fixes your pictures' white balance

Either you can't be trusted, or maybe you're too lazy.


Google Photos is one of the more hidden jewels of the company's software family -- especially if you snagged a Pixel phone and unlimited storage. A way of storing all your photos online (and making them delightfully searchable thanks to machine learning), the service is getting smarter, yet again. The latest addition to auto-correcting exposure and color saturation is white balance. Select a 'look' when editing photos through the web or on the Android app, and Google's magic will ensure your whites are naturally whiter, whether that means removing some yellow or adjusting the blues. (That's what we mean by white balance. See scientific corgi example above.) For those that like to be in control, you can still tweak the balance manually with some sliding controls in the Color subsection, under Warmth and Tint.

Auto white balance is rolling out this week on Android and web, and according to Google's blog, it'll be coming to iOS soon as well. (And if you're new to Google Photos, the company added a quick-and-dirty guide alongside this auto white balance update. Read up on those right here.)