Google Photos will animate your videos too

Machine learning-powered features can turn your photos right side up, or find memories and highlights.

The latest AI-powered upgrade for Google Photos brings four tricks. In a blog post today, we learned about four new features for the service, including the simplest one, which autodetects sideways pictures and prompts you to correct them. Two others dig into its talent for facial recognition, as it will detect people in your new photos, and offer to "rediscover old memories" of those same people in older pics, or, it can pop up a highlight reel showcasing the best pictures of a frequent subject.

Finally, the Assistant could already animate series of similar photographs, but now it's ready to loop up repeating segments from videos too. You should see the new features available on Android, iOS and the web, and if it's just a little too creepy, you can go into settings to disable face grouping or its assistant prompts.