Circle with Disney launches Alexa and rewards apps integration

'Circle Connections' makes it easy to reward your kids with more gadget time.


Circle with Disney, a device that gives you control over your kids' internet activities by connecting to your WiFi network, now has a "smart family" platform. It's called Circle Connection, and it gives you a way to connect the device's accompanying application with various apps you can use to reward your kids. Some of those apps, for instance, give your kids more time to use their gadgets, depending on the chores they finish or the activity their Misfit logged for the day. It also connects the device with Amazon's Alexa, so you can ask the voice assistant about your kids' screen time usage. At the same time, your kids can ask Alexa how much time they have left to use their gadgets.

The platform also enables the device to connect with RAKKOON, a service that can monitor content in apps like Facebook, Twitter and Messages. It links smart home apps and devices to Circle through IFTTT, as well. Finally, you'll be able to restrict access to distracting applications if a phone or a tablet determines that it's inside a moving vehicle through an app called Automatic. It'll likely be hard convincing a teen of driving age to use a closely monitored device, though. You might just end up using it to prevent a fellow adult from being distracted by work calls and emails while on their way.