Contact your Senator with a fax-sending bot

It'll help you reach politicians who haven't entered the modern era.


The rallying cry to contact your member of Congress is louder than ever these days, but actually reaching them isn't very easy. Even if they accept email, they're far more likely to acknowledge a faxed message -- but who actually has a fax machine in the 21st Century? Thankfully, you no longer need one to get your point across. A volunteer group has launched Resistbot, an automated system that turns your cellphone's text messages into faxes to your representatives and senators. Once you've offered your name and ZIP code, you just have to type in a message to send it to the appropriate officials. Your first message will go to your senators, but the bot will eventually collect info that helps you reach the House.

As you might have gathered from the name, Resistbot was designed by those who oppose President Trump's administration. However, the team stresses that it won't tell you what to say. Form messages are "totally ignored" by Congress as it is, the developers note. In that sense, Resistbot isn't so much a partisan tool as a general-purpose facilitator. So long as you're not hung up on the name, this should help you voice any concern to your state reps, regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum.