ABC News lets you watch multiple streams on your Apple TV

You can watch the end of the world unfold in single, split or quad screen.

ABC News / TechCrunch

We live in an era where there's so much breaking news, most of it terrible, that there's simply not enough time for our brains to cope. ABC News agrees, which is why it's updated its Apple TV app to let you stream multiple channels at once. As TechCrunch reports, the app lets you pick from a dozen different feeds, letting you watch two side-by-side or, if you're really hardcore, four at once.

It's hardly new technology, since MLB At Bat already lets you watch multiple games at the same time, but its inclusion here is interesting. After all, news streams are significantly more intensive to watch and, you'd think, niche compared to sports coverage. Then again, we now exist in a world where we're glued to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and all the rest at, often the same time.