Amazon can judge your daily outfit choices

But the feature is exclusive to Prime members.

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Mariella Moon
March 18, 2017 7:58 PM
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Amazon has a new perk exclusively for Prime members. The latest version of the e-commerce titan's app comes with a feature called "Outfit Compare" under the "Programs and Features" section, where you'd usually find all its newest offerings. Since its purpose is to compare two different OOTDs, you'd have to upload photos of yourself wearing the outfits. Amazon says it hired real stylists with experience in retail and the fashion industry to judge your clothes based on their fit, how the colors complement you and what's on trend. But as TechCrunch said, some part of the process could be automated, since you can get results in as little as a minute.

The company knows that the fact that you have to upload photos could deter you from using the feature, especially if you have privacy concerns. It says only Amazon staff will be able to see them, and when you delete the images from the in-app experience, it will also remove the copies associated with your account. Unfortunately, the only way to be sure nobody else can access your pictures through the app is to never use the feature.

If you don't mind uploading personal photos, though, Amazon suggests taking pics with the same pose and background, though it will also accept full-body mirror selfies. You can simply upload them from your camera roll and wait for feedback. This isn't the retail giant's first fashion-oriented endeavor: it launched its own fashion brands last year and even a fashion and makeup TV show called Style Code Live.

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