Limited edition black OnePlus phone? Not so limited anymore. (update: on sale)

The Midnight Black 3T will soon be available to everyone.

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Jon Fingas
March 22nd, 2017

So much for that black OnePlus 3T being an ultra-rare beast. OnePlus has revealed that it will launch a limited Midnight Black edition of the 3T at a "later date," making that once-special color available to everyone "while supplies last." And the practical difference between this smartphone and the limited edition Colette model (shown below)? Er... there's no Colette logo on it. That's all. Yes, the 250 people who lined up at a Paris store on March 21st now have little to brag about besides getting a black 3T slightly earlier than everyone else. So why spoil their fun? If you ask OnePlus, it's because most people just want the device that badly.

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The company tells us that the "community has been asking" for a completely black OnePlus phone for a while. As proof, it pointed us to a Twitter poll it ran where 92 percent of respondents agreed that OnePlus should "matte black all the things." That's not exactly a scientific survey, but there's no denying that there's at least some interest in a darker shade. We can't knock OnePlus too hard, then, but this still serves as a lesson in resisting the urge to snap up an exclusive device color as soon as it's available.

Update 3/28: You can now buy the Midnight Black edition. It's only available in a 128GB capacity, so you'll need to spend $479 for the extra cachet.

OnePlus 3T Colette model

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