'Destiny 2' is expected to arrive this September

If this leaked poster is to be believed.

Lega Network

Destiny had a rocky start, but the first-person space shooter eventually ended up living up to the promise it showed back when it was announced. Time flies, though, and the original game is nearly three years old, and Bungie has promised a full sequel will be coming soon. Now, thanks to an poster image apparently leaked by an Italian retailer (and posted by Italian site Lega Network), we can be pretty sure that Destiny 2 will arrive this September. Friday, September 8th in Europe, to be precise -- which means the US release date could be the prior Tuesday, September 5th.

We haven't heard much about the game itself so far, although we do know that most of the progress you've made in the original Destiny won't carry over to the sequel. Kotaku believes that Bungie and Activision will officially release more details about the sequel today, and it also thinks the game will come to the PC in addition to the Xbox One and PS4 this time. We should find out more later today, but for now just feast your eyes on the above image and get ready to kiss the three years of progress you've made in the original game goodbye. At least your character will look the same when you port it over to Destiny 2.