Horror MMO 'The Secret World' returns and this time it's free

'Secret World Legends' recreates the beloved title for a new audience.

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While horror MMO The Secret World never quite became the next World of Warcraft, its unique supernatural vibe made it a cult hit among MMO fans. The game's publisher, Funcom, plans to relaunch the game as a free-to-play "shared-world action RPG," no doubt hoping to cash in on the original title's recognition while updating the title for a modern audience.

Secret World Legends will launch with the same original eight levels of creepy, supernatural content as the original MMO, with the rest of the environments, dungeons and stories from The Secret World following soon. Funcom also plans to create original content for the new game in the near future. All content will be free, though things like extra character slots and more weapon storage will cost you.

If you're still invested in The Secret World MMO, you can continue to play, as the new title will exist on its own server. If you want to start over in the new game but keep any customizations you earned in the first title, there will be a transfer system in place.

Secret World Legends will be available on Steam, and all players will start at the beginning. This is a new start, story-wise, for everyone. If you're interested in checking it out now, the closed beta is taking applications today.

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