Samsung's Galaxy S8 can sign into websites using your face

You can also talk to a doctor through S Health.


The Galaxy S8's face and fingerprint detection are about more than unlocking your phone: If Samsung has its way, you'll use them to sign into seemingly everything online. The company is expanding its Samsung Pass feature to use biometrics to sign into not only a wider array of financial services but also shopping (as rumored) and other websites. Yes, you could start shopping just by staring at your phone for a while. And if you're health conscious, the S8 might save you a trip to the clinic.

As rumored, the S8's version of S Health includes an option to talk to a doctor. If you have a quick question about your condition, you don't have to plan a trip or turn to a third-party service. The live chat feature will only be available in a few countries on launch, but that does include the US.

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S Health on the Galaxy S8