Samsung's Galaxy S8 reportedly helps you talk to a doctor

S Health might just be one of the smartphone's bigger software features.

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Matthew Eisman/Getty Images
Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

Artificial intelligence might not be the Galaxy S8's only big software upgrade, it seems. SamMobile sources claim that S Health is about to get a revamp that helps you get in touch with doctors. Tie-ins with partners like Amwell and WebMD would not only let you search for drugs and symptoms, but schedule online doctor's appointments using video chats. You could pay for appointments in-app, take photos to illustrate your condition and find nearby pharmacies if medicine is in order.

The app isn't explicitly tied to the S8 launch, but Samsung historically brings major software updates to new phones first and likes to showcase them at major media events. Don't count on getting exactly what you've read about here, though -- SamMobile frequently has the inside track on Samsung's plans, but it's not perfect. As plausible as the S Health upgrade sounds, we wouldn't be shocked if it misses the S8 launch or doesn't include everything mentioned so far.

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