Samsung Galaxy S IV screenshots support Smart scroll rumors, add Smart pause (update)

Samsung made a big deal out of its new "Smart" UI tweaks when it launched the Galaxy S III, so the suggestion that it might have its digital tool box out for the next iteration wouldn't surprise us at all. The Smart scroll mooted by the New York Times would appear to be corroborated in the above leaked images. If they are the real-deal, then it's joined by Smart pause, a similar eye-tracking feature that stops any playing video if you glance away. Sammobile also states that the images they received back up claims of a 1080p display, but with sources shrouded in secrecy, and Jeremy earning his keep, the real Smart money suggests you wait a little longer to find out.

Update: Sammobile has since added more info from its source, advising that these are shots from another ROM, intended for the GS III, but still insists its intel confirms these features are coming.

Update 2: Well, Sammobile isn't the only site claiming to have exclusive access to screenshots of upcoming Samsung ROMs. The difference is GSM-Israel isn't claiming to have a GS III update, it believes it has legit screenshots from the Galaxy S IV. There are some notable differences between the two sets of images, implying they're from different devices. The specs betrayed by the various settings apps are right in line with what we're expecting: 1080p screen, quad-core CPU, 13-megapixel camera, etc... We've stuck one image after the break, but you'll find a whole lot more at the source.

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Samsung Galaxy S IV screenshots support Smart scroll rumors, add Smart pause update