Marshall's next long-lasting wireless headphone has a familiar look

The company promises 30 hours of playback with the $250 Monitor Bluetooth.


Until now, if you wanted a set of wireless headphones that matched your Marshall guitar amp, you had to choose between two on-ear options. Today, the company revealed an over-ear model in the Monitor Bluetooth. As the name suggestions, this new entry into Marshall's personal audio line is a wireless version of the Monitor headphones it launched it 2013.

You can expect 40mm custom-tuned drivers to blast the sound and some degree of noise isolation due to the over-ear design. No active noise cancellation here. However, there is Bluetooth aptX to help improve sound quality and offer 30 feet of listening range between you and the device you're playing music on. There's also a built-in control knob for play/pause, shuffling tacks and adjusting the volume. Most notably, Marshall is promising at least 30 hours of playback with the wireless version of its Monitor headphones. That's the same figure it quoted for the Bluetooth versions of the Mid and Major II cans.

If the combination of those features and Marshall's iconic design is too much to pass up, the Monitor Bluetooth goes on sale today for $250 (€250/£209).