A Google search is all you need to book a fitness class

After a limited launch, Reserve with Google is now available nationwide.
Billy Steele
B. Steele|03.30.17

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Billy Steele/Engadget
Billy Steele/Engadget

When Reserve with Google starting helping users book fitness classes last year, the scheduling tool was only available in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City. Today, the company announced that the handy feature is now available all over the US. That means that you'll be able to book and pay for a yoga or exercise session in Google Maps, Google Search or directly through the Reserve with Google website.

The Reserve with Google website allows you to use specific filters to narrow down the fitness studios nearby so you can find exactly what you're looking for. It also serves up recommendations and lets you book a spot in the classes you already enjoy. If the location you choose has any special offers. you'll be able to take advantage of those when you're paying for classes, packages and memberships.

Right now, booking inside Google Maps is only available on the desktop, but you can schedule your sessions via Google Search on both desktop and mobile. When you find the studio you want to visit, simply click "Reserve with Google" to see what's available and nab your spot. The company says it's working with MINDBODY, MyTime, Genbook, Full Slate, Front Desk and Appointy to ensure that schedules and availability are updated in real time.

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