Send Starbucks lattes to your lover with iMessage

Gift cards via chat and more arrive in Starbucks' iOS app update.


Saying "I love you" with a Grande Soy Latte just got a little easier. Starbucks updated its iOS app with its first iMessages offering which allows you to send anyone you chat with a Starbucks gift card without interrupting the flow of your conversation. The Starbucks app update also includes enhanced push notifications, a new mobile ordering interface and new filtering options for locating a nearby location.

Apple added the iMessage App Store last September, which made it possible to add stickers and play games within a conversation using the company's popular chat app. While this is the first iMessages app made by Starbucks, the coffee retailer is no stranger to working with software makers. It teamed up with Microsoft Outlook last year to help easily send a cup of coffee or schedule a meeting at a local Starbucks via the email app.

The update includes new push notifications that will change based on how often you use the app, a mobile ordering review screen with "brand-new look and animations" and new location filtering options so you can find the nearest Starbucks based on what they offer, like when you're looking for a nitro cold brew or a PSL. Better yet? You don't have to wait to try it out as all these new features are available now.