Comcast jumps into wireless with Xfinity Mobile

Comcast has a $65 per month unlimited wireless plan for its internet customers.


Last September Comcast confirmed rumors by announcing its plan to launch wireless service this year based on a combination of its 16 million Xfinity WiFi hotspots and the Verizon network, and today we're getting all of the details. With the launch of Xfinity Mobile, Comcast will offer its customers TV, home internet, home phone and wireless service under one umbrella. With companies like AT&T and Verizon offering TV packages over the internet that compete with cable, now Comcast is moving into their area, although that doesn't guarantee they'll have success.

According to execs, one of the things that will define success is "customer loyalty," and how this can improve customer retention. On a call (still ongoing) this morning with investors, Comcast noted that there are already 130 million mobile lines within its footprint, and it wants a piece of that market.

According to a slide in the presentation, it will offer "the most popular mobile phones," naming Apple, Samsung and LG, while also promising (without specifics) that bundled pricing will save customers money. It's also making it possible for customers to automatically discover and connect to Xfinity WiFi hotspots as they move around, without needing to log in each time.

We've seen what Google has been able to do with Project Fi, and based on an extensive network of hotspots that includes customer modems, Comcast may have similar reach. Interestingly, the company says that at least at launch, it will not be doing voice over WiFi.

Xfinity Mobile pricing

Now we're getting pricing details, and for Xfinity Mobile, Comcast is promising no line access fees, with unlimited talk and text on up to five lines. All you will pay for is data usage. Combined with its internet service, it will have "unlimited" mobile data access available for $65 per month, per line, while its "best" bundle package brings the price for unlimited access down to $45 per month.

If you'd prefer to pay only for the data you use, it will offer a $12 per GB plan, which customers can switch to and away from within the app, even in the middle of a month. Also, with Xfinity Mobile, it's offering 24/7 customer support via text message.