Samsung's second-tier 'MU' 4K TVs are an alternative to QLED

And they're now available for purchase.


With prices beginning at $2,500 for the most basic model, Samsung's QLED 4K TVs are likely out of reach for a lot of people. The good news is that the company hasn't forgotten customers who can't drop that much for a TV and has released a series that includes more affordable alternatives. Samsung's MU series of smart 4K (Ultra HD) TVs have variants that are almost as cheap as Vizio's new 4K offerings. It's composed of four models that come in different sizes, with the smallest (40 inches), most basic one priced at $549.

All four models are HDR compatible, loaded with Samsung's new smart TV user-interface and come with the manufacturer's smart remote control with voice capabilities. The MU 7 Series (40 to 65 inches) is more advanced than the most basic MU 6 (40 to 75 inches), however, with its wider range of colors. MU 8 Series (49 to 82 inches) has even more colors and exhibits extreme contrast between the darkest darks and the lightest lights.

The MU 9 Series with its anti-reflective coating, over a billion colors and extreme contrast is the most advanced but also the most expensive of the bunch, though. With prices for its 55-to-75-inch variants starting at $1,999, they're just a bit more affordable than the brand's QLED TVs. All of them are now available from select retailers and from Samsung's US website, where you can also check out the prices for specific models and sizes.