Bernie Sanders quietly launched his own podcast

You no longer need to tune into to his Facebook live show.

Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Just because Bernie Sanders is no longer a presidential candidate doesn't mean that he's out of the internet's spotlight. In fact, it might be easier than ever to listen to his ideas: the Vermont Senator has released a podcast version of his Facebook Live stream, The Bernie Sanders Show. The podcast has actually been available since late March (there are three episodes as of this writing), but Sanders is just now advertising its existence.

It won't surprise you at all as to what he's talking about: surprise, it's left-wing issues. To date, he has had guests like Bill Nye discuss climate change, civil rights and other common issues on his side of the political fence. He probably won't sway you if you weren't already inclined. Still, the combination of the livestream and the podcast may be important simply because they keep his message alive at a time when it could easily be overshadowed by the news of the day.